Australian Owned with 15 Years Warranty

Helps achieve a 6 Star Energy Rating

Made from 100% Recyclable Materials

Waterproof & Pest Proof

Reduces Handling, Storage & Transport Costs

Significantly Reduces Energy Costs

Easy & Safe to Install with no PPE

Easy Section J compliance

Better for your back pocket, Better for the Environment

Correct insulation is the most effective ways to reduce air conditioning usage while achieving adequate levels of comfort.

PolyX has a thermal reflective insulation solution for all commercial and industrial applications. No job is too big.

Our 100% proven world-leading products have been voted time and time again as Australia’s Best Reflective Sheets, and best performing insulation overall.

All PolyX insulation products are engineered to be lightweight, highly durable, long lasting and environmentally friendly.

Installation is easy and faster than traditional bulk (batts) insulation – saving you as a roofer or homeowner time and money. Installation is also safer than traditional bulk insulation – no protective clothing required. With conveniently long rolls up to 41sqm that are easy to cut excess, installation is as easy as rolling and placing in position. This creates a tight vapour seal (waterproof) stopping any water, wildlife or pests from entering or nesting.

The result is a truly stunning thermal insulation solution that reflects up to 97% of the suns heat rather than absorb it like bulk insulation, which translates into massive energy savings from reduced air conditioning costs.

With a long life and 15 years warranty, PolyX has been the preferred thermal insulation solution in Australia and across the globe for over 20 years.

PolyX is one of the only insulation companies that will help you not only meet Section J Energy Efficiency requirements in tenders, but will assist you to win projects and tenders. We guide you through your tender process and are with you each step of the way from certification to after completion.

Find out which PolyX product is right for your application and how our reflective thermal insulation solutions are the preferred choice across Australia and the world.


Years Experience

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Featured Projects

Woolworths, Bunbury WA

air-conditioning energy costs reduced by 40%.

installation cost/time 30% less than bulk insulation.

Army Barracks, Holsworthy NSW

air-conditioning energy energy reduction target of 30% met.

installation cost/time 30% less than bulk insulation.

Dan Murphy's, Wagga Wagga NSW

air-conditioning energy costs met 35% reduction target.

installation cost/time 30% less than than bulk insulation.

Insulating Australia for over 20 years

PolyX Global is an Australian owned and operated company specialising in thermal reflective insulation for roofs, ceilings, walls and floors.

PolyX is the sole distributor of PolyX range of reflective insulation, providing the best possible combination of energy-efficiency and fire protection.

PolyX staff are experts in the field of insulation and are at our customers’ disposal, providing them with solutions for their every requirement, in commercial, industrial or domestic applications. We continually implement application-specific NCC (formally BCA) compliant solutions along with national certifications and standards for most applications

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Win More Projects with PolyX

We have helped over 6000 clients including roofers, architects, specifiers and builders win projects that they would have otherwise been unsuccessful in.

That’s the PolyX difference.

What is reflective thermal insulation?

Reflective thermal insulation such as PolyX works differently as compared to conventional bulk insulation. It uses high reflective surfaces with low emissivity to block the flow of heat (and cold) into or out of a building.

Does reflective insulation really work?

PolyX reflective thermal insulation blocks up to 97% of radiant heat transfer, translating to a significant reduction of internal building temperatures. This reduction in heat during summer months can be extremely beneficial for business owners and home owners during the summer by greatly diminishing the need to turn on air conditioning. For example, with an outside temperature of 36º celcius, the internal temperature is reduced to 24º celcius, greatly diminshing the need and cost of air conditioning.

PolyX products also work to insulate against the cold. For example, with an outside temperature of 12º celsius, the internal temperature is maintained at a comfortable 18º celcius, negating the need for heating costs.

Reflective vs Bulk (batts) Insulation

What is bulk insulation?

Ceiling insulation - Tasmania Energy Saving Projects Resource

Bulk insulation or Batts are mainly used to prevent the transfer of heat using pockets of trapped air to resist the flow of heat. Bulk insulation has the same amount of heat resistance regardless of the direction the heat is flowing in, which makes it great for protecting ceilings and walls. Bulk insulation allows you to trap heat inside your home when it’s cold, and prevent it from getting in when it’s hot outside.


What is reflective insulation?

TekFoil Reflective Foil Insulation - Growers Supply

Reflective insulation (such as PolyX) normally consists of a layer of Aluminium foil backed by various materials. It protects against heat produced by radiation, reflecting the heat away. Reflective insulation needs a layer of air (heavy duty bubbles) next to the shiny side to work properly, as there has to be somewhere for the heat to go once it’s been reflected. The R-values for reflective insulation will vary depending on where and how it’s installed and what sort of climate the building is in.

Is Reflective Insulation better than Bulk (batts) Insulation?

Foil is much more lightweight, is moisture proof, is easier to install than most other insulation types and won’t provide a home for mould, pests or vermin. Reflective foil may cost more than equivalent types of bulk insulation, however it is more durable and is a much better insulator of heat.

Reflective foil insulation is ideal in warmer climates like Australia to keep heat out. Bulk insulation is better in colder climates to retain heat within the building. SOme premium Reflective Insulation such as PolyX products offer both excellent heat and hold insulation due to the multiple layers and materials used.

Why is Bulk Insulation more common than Reflective Insulation?

Reflective insulation doesn’t have an inherent R-value in and of itself, because it relies on a layer of still air (heavy duty bubbles) to be effective. Bulk insulation, on the other hand, generally has a fixed R-value for a given thickness of the product.

For this reason alone, most roofers, builders, specifiers, architects and homeowners find reflective insulation confusing, and so many stick to the legacy solution that has been used for decades – bulk insulation.

The difference with PolyX is that we hold your hand every step of the way. From your first contact with us, we will review your project, building and requirements at no charge and recommend various products for your application. Following your product selection, if you are a tradie like a roofer, we work with you to ensure your proposal is successful for your project. When the work commences, we attend on-site with you and after the build to ensure your project is a success.

That’s the PolyX difference.

Which PolyX product is right for my application?

Our entire range of PolyX reflective thermal insulation sheets and solutions can be installed in residential, commercial, industrial and livestock applications.

Your building will likely need to comply with section J energy efficiency requirements and so needs to meet your R-number requirements preferably at the lowest cost to you. As each structure, building and application is different, there is no one-size fits all answer to this question. The easiest way to ascertain wich product best suits your application, simply Contact us to discuss your project with our insulation specialists to understand the best product for your application.

What is the R-value of PolyX reflective foil insulation?

R-value measures how well insulation can prevent the flow of heat into and out of the building. A higher R-value means greater insulation performance, and thus more savings on heating and cooling bill.

All PolyX products boast industry best standards for R-value.

The exact R-value for your specific application will depend on several factors such as the PolyX product selected and slope of the roof. 

Refer to the general R-value ratings and thermal performance for each product:

1) PX40

2) PB30/40

3) PM30

4) PU24

Contact us to for full details about PolyX product R-Values for roofs, ceilings, walls and floors.



Can PolyX products only be used on roofs?


PolyX Reflective thermal insulation products are predominantly installed on the roof – but can also be used ceilings, walls and floors.

Are PolyX products in stock?


Unlike most insulation suppliers in Australia (especially bulk insulation), PolyX has no supply chain issues during the pandemic.

We have a 24 hour delivery cycle, not 3 days like all other insulation providers. This means you order today for next day delivery.

How do we help you win more projects?

Whether you’re a roofer, architect, specifier or builder, your main concern is your bottom line. Our proven process to help you win more projects, more often is due to our end-to-end management of your project. We guide you with which PolyX product you need for your project to maintain highest profitability and ensure compliance. We are there with you on-site and at tender meetings and also after the build. That kind of customer support is the reason that our clients have the highest success rate of project bids in Australia.

Want success? Welcome to PolyX.

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02:59 27 Apr 22
I'm a roofer that has been struggling to source insulation since COVID. PolyX has literally saved my business! not only have they been supplying me NEXT DAY thermal reflective insulation (which is SO much easier and faster to install then bulk insulation), but they have also worked with me to help me win some big contracts! Big thanks to the team for holding my hand. You have changed my roofing business!
Helen EnglezosHelen Englezos
23:24 04 Feb 22
Garry BrewsterGarry Brewster
04:49 24 Jun 20
staff are very helpful,and products are at top quality
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06:54 31 May 18

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