PolyX PX40

Biggest roll size for the lowest cost installation.

a unique layered inner core of fire retardant XPE foam with a second low-E reflective aluminum foil layer with a special low-E copper color antiglare.

PolyX PX40 is a mid-range reflective thermal insulation solution that boasts the longest roll length (40.5m² coverage) of any insulation solution in the world. More metres in each roll mean less time and cost to install. This is the preferred solution for many roofers looking to increase their profitability.

Coming with a 15 year warranty, PolyX X40 incorporates a special low-E copper color antiglare and has an optional reinforcing net to extra strength. It combines a unique layered inner core of fire retardant XPE foam with a second low-E reflective aluminum foil layer.

At a Glance

  • Reflect 95%-97% radiant heat
  • Longest Roll Length
  • 15 year warranty
  • Safe and easy to install with no PPE
  • Delivers easy, cost effective section J solutions for roofs, ceiling, walls, floors
  • Reduces handling, storage, transport costs

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Is PolyX PX40 compliant in all states?

Yes, PolyX PX40 meets all relevant Australian regulations and standards in all states.

PX40 complies with AAS/NZS 4859 1&2 2018. Thermal resistance measurement: 0.120 m2 K/W. Reflective performances of PX40 (tested to ASTM E 408): Aluminum silver side = 97%, Copper antiglare side = 95% reflection of radiant heat.

Why choose PolyX PX40?

PolyX PX40 is chosen by roofers looking for the easiest and fastest insulation solution available that meets the respective section J requirements. With a huge 40.5m in each roll, PX40 has the longest roll length of any insulation solution in the world.  Less time and cost for installation means more money in your back pocket.

What is the thickness of PolyX PX40?

Total nominal thickness = 4mm.

What R-Value can PolyX PX40 achieve?

PX40 adds to a Total R-Value (system R value). The effective R value in a system depends on the installation and environmental conditions. The R-Value may be affected or reduced due to dust on upward facing surfaces or as a result of ventilation.

PX40 product can achieve several Total R-Values depending on the installation method, cavity depth, cavity design and other building components used in the system. For full details about PX40 R-Values and building systems range for roofs, ceilings, walls and floors kindly contact to PolyX Global PtyLtd authorized dealersagents.

Total R-Value Example A:
Roof structure Components:

Total R-Value Example B:
Roof structure Components:

  • Outside air film (temperature 36°C)
  • Outside air film (temperature 12°C)
  • Commercial Metal Roof (1° to 5° slope)
  • Commercial Metal Roof (1° to 5° slope)
  • Sealed 30mm reflective airspace
  • Sealed 30mm reflective airspace
  • PX40 Reflective Insulation Unventilated
  • PX40 Reflective Insulation
  • 900mm reflective airspace Suspended 13mm
  • Unventilated 900mm reflective airspace
  • plaster or gypsum board ceiling
  • Suspended 13mm plaster or gypsum board ceiling
  • Indoor air film (temperature 24°C)
  • Indoor air film (temperature 18°C)

Total R-Value = Rt 4.37 m2xK/w (heat flow down) Calculation ref: JMF 334r0.32

Total R-Value = Rt 1.41 m2xK/w (heat flow up) Calculation ref: JMF 334r0.32


For full details about PX40 R-Values and building systems range for roofs, ceilings, walls and floors kindly contact us to discuss your requirements.

PolyX PX40 Specifications
Thickness (nominal) mm 4.5
Bubbles Diameter mm 4
Emittance (ASTM) % 3 to 5
Reflectivity (ASTM) % 95 to 97
Foil thickness μ 9 to 18
Foil Purity % >99
Weight (nominal) gsm/m² 370
Standard Roll Size m X m 1.35m X 30m
Effective Coverage 40.5
Standard Roll Weight (Gross) kg 15
Roll Diameter mm 450
Fire Retardant Yes
Reinforced Net Yes
Heavy Duty Formulated Optional
Anti-Corrosion Coating Optional
PolyX PX40 Installation Requirements

To be able to accomplish a specific R Value, please follow PolyX Global’s application installation guide as demonstrated in PolyX Global application guide book.

PolyX PX40 Brochure

Download the detailed brochure.

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I'm a roofer that has been struggling to source insulation since COVID. PolyX has literally saved my business! not only have they been supplying me NEXT DAY thermal reflective insulation (which is SO much easier and faster to install then bulk insulation), but they have also worked with me to help me win some big contracts! Big thanks to the team for holding my hand. You have changed my roofing business!
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staff are very helpful,and products are at top quality
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