PolyX Select60

PolyX Select60 is an extra heavy duty and high performing reflective insulation comprising of two 6mm layers of pure HD aluminium foil with a robust air bubble core

PolyX Select60 is a heavy duty 6mm thermal reflective insulation that delivers higher R value compared with 4mm bubble/foam products. Coming with a 15 year warranty, you can expect improved internal lighting and a 95-97% heat reflectivity rate to keep the inside of your shed or structure cool at all times.

With bigger bubbles, more air, better sound absorbtion, better protection for conduction and convection heat transfer, you can expect your shed or structure to remain cool in summer, warm in winter and it meets all relevant Australian standards through a high performing heat barrier made specifically for sheds.

At a Glance

  • Reflect 95%-97% radiant heat
  • Best Value
  • Thin and lightweight for reduced transport costs
  • 15 year warranty
  • Safe and easy to install with no PPE
  • 6mm thermally insulating air bubble layer

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Is PolyX Select60 able to be installed in all states?

Yes, PolyX Select60 meets all relevant Australian regulations and standards in all states. PolyX Select60 complies with AS/NZS 4859 1&2 2018

Why choose PolyX Select60?

PolyX Select60 provides you the best bang for your buck. Economical and also high performing, this is our best seller for a reason. Whether you are a roofer, architect, specifier, builder or the end-user, this provides the best value in all aspects including reduced handling, transport costs, installation times and overall high insulation peformance.

PolyX Select60 Brochure

Download the detailed brochure.

Client Testimonials

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02:59 27 Apr 22
I'm a roofer that has been struggling to source insulation since COVID. PolyX has literally saved my business! not only have they been supplying me NEXT DAY thermal reflective insulation (which is SO much easier and faster to install then bulk insulation), but they have also worked with me to help me win some big contracts! Big thanks to the team for holding my hand. You have changed my roofing business!
Helen EnglezosHelen Englezos
23:24 04 Feb 22
Garry BrewsterGarry Brewster
04:49 24 Jun 20
staff are very helpful,and products are at top quality
cheryl pintleycheryl pintley
06:54 31 May 18

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